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About Wendy Sabine, Artist. HS Slm ARMS

Wendy Sabine is an accomplished miniaturist who lives and works in Wittersham,  close to the Kent and East Sussex coast, where the beautiful scenery of the High Weald contrasts with the open landscape of the Romney marshes .  The scenery and coastlines, coupled with the diverse and abundant wildlife of the area provide inspiration for many of her paintings.

Wendy is an elected member of The Society of Limners and The Hilliard Society.  She has exhibited paintings all over the UK, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal Society of Miniaturists, and has works in private collections all over the world.

Whilst she also paints traditional miniatures, her ability to work in minute detail is particularly evident in the paintings on her silver set agate pieces.  Her eye for detail is also carried through into other, more traditional works such as equine studies and wildlife studies, whereas the looser techniques used in her landscapes provide a welcome broadening to her range of artworks.

Having moved only recently to the Isle of Oxney after 16 years in Fife,"The Courtyard Studio" has now been reincarnated as " The Studio at Oakwood" in Wittersham,  halfway between Tenterden and Rye.


If you want to talk to Wendy or ask any questions about the artwork here, please do not hesitage to phone or email.

You will find contact details on the contact page.

Wendy has recently become an associate member of the Royal Society of Miniaturists.


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